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Create the ultimate online property listing with Flex and the OMS

Creating high quality online property listings for your sellers is key in generating buyer leads, but is also a great marketing tool for people interested to list with you. Why create average listings when you can create state of the art property listings with the OMS and Flex . Here is a great example where some of the key features of the OMS and Flex were used, including: Over 50 photos (The OMS and Flex allows unlimited photos ) with descriptions for each photo; Interactive map with integrated driving directions (simply insert your address for directions); Google Streetview split view with map; Virtual tour or Youtube video integration (Entegral's 360 virtual tours are free in the OMS); Teams ( you can load listings as teams in the OMS); Additional features ( you can create additional fields in the OMS); Social media links ( setup individual social media links including skype button for agents); EAAB PrivySeal integration that is easy to setup at no additional cost;

Configure social media links including PrivySeal in the OMS

You can now configure various online profiles for agents in the OMS, including Facebook, Twitter and the South African EAAB PrivySeal link. See the OMS online help for more info on the social link configuration . The social links will be integrated with Flex office and personal websites by default this week. How to capture your PrivySeal certificate information The EAAB of South Africa implemented the PrivySeal consumer protection initiative . The OMS now accepts capturing agent PrivySeal information, which can be displayed on Flex powered real estate website s. We will also make the codes available to any external syndication portal that support this. To add PrivySeal to your profile first get your PrivySeal link, e.g.: Go to your OMS profile. Select PrivySeal from your online profiles, and paste the link in. Now click on 'update'. Your username will be extracted. You can test your PrivySeal l

Enable individual agents for Zoopla use, and set limits

A brand new Zoopla property syndication interface was launched that allows you to market your property listings to an international audience. We have now enabled functionality to allow activation of individual users to select property listings for Zoopla. You can also set listing limits. On property listings, users will see how many listings they can still activate for Zoopla: The admin section allows easy customization of individual user access levels and now includes the Zoopla options: for more info visit our Zoopla help section .

New listing syndication partnership with UK Portal, Zoopla

We're extremely excited to announce a new partnership formed with major UK property portal, Zoopla .   The well known UK portal boasts with 40 million world wide visits each month to their portal.  This comprehensive property website provides thousands of property listings listed from around the world combined with market data and information. We created a partnership with them whereby all Entegral clients , listing on our Office Management System will have the option to send their for sale stock to Zoopla via our Online Marketing Module or  Listing Syndication Service.   Advertise a MyProperty branded listing or use your own branding. 1. Zoopla Professional Advertising Packages These packages offer listings on Zoopla branded under Entegral’s MyProperty brand. All leads are screened and forwarded to the relevant agent. You can activate/deactivate any for sale listing within the package limits at any time. Listings include all property photos, exact