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OMS API update version 1.9 - Erf No & Block

An update has been made for the OMS API, version 1.9. It is documented in our OMS API documentation.
Retrieve Erf No & Block  You can now retrieve two new fields on individual property calls:
- Erf Number (e.g. "location_erfno","1212" )
- Block (e.g. "location_block","A" )
Module 1 access is required.

The OMS API can be used to extract data from the OMS to external systems. It is included free of charge to all clients. Clients can generate their own API keys for web developers. 

OMS API update version 1.8 - retrieve listing files

An update has been made for the OMS API, version 1.8.
It is documented in our OMS API documentation.

Retrieve property listing files
You can now retrieve files stored on property listings using:
Files retrieved: 1) In the OMS, all files saved and marked as 'public files'  2) In the OMS, files specifically programmed to be made available through the OMS API. This can include brochures, files marked saved ofr internal access or any other custom programmed files for a specific office. 
Files are made available through URL links and in the case of the programmed files (2) made available for 30 days, after the link will self-destruct.
Module 3 access, which also provides access to notes, is required.

The OMS API can be used to extract data from the OMS to external systems. It is included free of charge to all clients. Clients can generate their own API keys for web developers. 

OMS API update version 1.7 - inactive properties

An update has been made for the OMS API, version 1.7.
It is documented in our OMS API documentation.

Retrieve inactive properties
You can now retrieve properties made inactive for the last 3 months using the following call:

Retrieve all property addresses
Under permission we've added a new module 5 "Access all property addresses". This can be enabled in the OMS to provide your developer with access to all property address info (unit number, complex name, street number and street name) for the property details ( irrespective of whether you've checked the 'make map location' checkbox in the OMS for a listing. We've also included a new field 'location_makepublic' to indicate whether the agent has given permission to make th…

OMS API updates version 1.6 - Commercial Fields

An update has been made for the OMS API version 1.6.
It is documented in our OMS API documentation.

Over 20 commercial fields has now been added to the property details view. Details can be found here:

The OMS API can be used to extract data from the OMS to external systems. It is included free of charge to all clients. Clients can generate their own API keys for web developers. 

OMS API updates version 1.5 - Updated Fields

Herewith a list of enhancements made to the OMS API version 1.5.
It is also documented in our OMS API documentation.

1. The properties collection /properties now includes an updated attribute indicating the last time changes were made to the property listing e.g.
        "property_id": 1007346,
        "status": 56,
        "updated": "2017-08-01 09:47"

2. The property details call /properties/property_id now includes the update time for each photo. All photos are now also served via HTTPS by default, e.g.  {             "url_thumb": "",             "url_large": "",             "updated": "2017-09-12 10:17"         },         {             "url_thumb": "…

Why HTTPS matters for your real estate website

Hypertext transfer protocol - or HTTP - is the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. To ensure that all communications between your browser and website are secure, we are moving over to HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure)

Aside from providing critical security and data integrity for both your websites and your users' personal information, HTTPS is a requirement for many new browser features - and as you know by now Entegral not only pushes the design envelope, we are always keeping an eye on the future of web solutions for your real estate website.

Not only will this create a more secure website, it will also help with your SEO efforts. In 2014, Google had announced that it would start using HTTPS as a ranking signal. Last month, news broke that Google will now send a “not secure” warning to users who visit unencrypted web pages in the address bar. Imagine how quickly you will lose clients if they visit your real es…

New OMS occupation notes field on property mandate

A new 'occupation notes' field is now available in the OMS property mandate screen.
This is a free text field and allows you to capture any notes related to the occupation status, available date, occupational rent or conditions:

This field is private and doesn't pull through to any property portals. It can be included in custom OMS brochures.

Agent roles per office breakdown report for groups

A new OMS performance report is now available for multi-office groups. It provides a breakdown of then number of people per role in each office, gender breakdown and number of active for sale and rental listings. As with the other performance reports, you can sort columns, filter and export data.

To access the report, log in to the OMS, and go to Reports / Performance, select Ágent roles per office breakdown'.

Company name added to contacts form

Company Name has been added as a field on the general contacts in the OMS:

Make the impact your listing deserves with Full HD photos

We know that in real estate, listing photos are worth more than a 1000 words and that is why we have tweaked the OMS to support Full HD photos.

The OMS will now be able to support full HD resolution photos, in pixel terms that mean a whopping 1920 x 1080 pixels! That is an impressive 87% larger than our previous format.

Now if you thought that was the best part, you’d be wrong because all of this is free of charge to our clients, and the larger size doesn’t mean that you will be limited either! You will still be able to upload an unlimited amount of photos to a listing!

Your beautiful full HD photos will be displayed on your Entegral Flex responsive website and all other portals that support full HD format photos in all its glory!

Generate your own OMS API keys for custom real estate integrations

The real estate industry is changing fast and agents are increasingly using technology to their advantage to streamline operations and communication with clients. Every business has its own unique needs, so we've released an OMS and Sync API in 2016 to help real estate agencies build custom solutions. Now you can self-generate your OMS API keys.

With the OMS, you can do custom external integrations with 3rd party apps (or develop your own) through the OMS API. The OMS API (Application Programming Interface) for instance allows you to extract any of your data (e.g. property listing data) and use it in innovative ways on external systems or websites. You can also have a look at these featured 3rd party integrations (like the very cool Zapier integration) which is available to all clients:

Generate your own OMS API Keys Simply navigate to the API keys tab under office settings (available to office admin roles). Here you can type in an applica…

New Flex updates allow for more additional information on listings

You have asked for it and our developers have delivered with the latest round of updates!

You will now be able to display even more of a properties features on a listing, as you can see in the example below.

The extra additional information will be displayed underneath your property description and can be added from the OMS dashboard.

The information will be displayed on your Entegral responsive Flex website, as well as Property24.

Contact us today to upgrade your older version Entegral website to a responsive Flex website or to update your existing Flex website.

#OMS_QuickTip Increase your exposure by listing your on show properties

With the OMS you can mark which properties are on show to increase the exposure they will receive - perfect timing for the weekend ahead!

The properties you have marked as on show will appear in MyProperty’s On Show section, your own Flex responsive website, and selected partner property portals.

When we say it is easy we really mean it! All you have to do is open the listing from the OMS dashboard, mark it as On Show and capture the on show details. That is all there is to it!

If you make map location & address available in the OMS property location screen like this….

...people will be able to get driving directions to your property on MyProperty

Remember that you can also send an SMS with the On Show details to clients using the SMS Briefcase

Free 360 virtual tours for real estate agents

The OMS online real estate system allows estate agents to upload an unlimited number of virtual tours per property listing. Here we show how you can upload 360 panorama photos you've created to a property listing, and how it displays in the viewer. 
The 360 tour link is then added to your listing on your Flex responsive real estate website. To create the 360 spherical photos, you can use a specific 360 camera or try out a number of phone apps available, including the free Google Streetview app that can be used to create photo spheres.
Below we show how easy the upload process is. Here is a link to the sample virtual tour:

There are no additional hosting fees for our self service virtual tour solution, and you can create as many tours as you want.

PrivySeal available for Private Property

The OMS have been accepting the capturing of agent PrivySeal information for a while now, which is displayed on your Flex powered real estate website, as well as MyProperty. Now, these details are also displayed on your Private Property profile.

Once your PrivySeal information has been captured on the OMS it will be sent to Private Property. Here is how you can capture the information in the OMS:
To add PrivySeal to your profile first get your PrivySeal link, e.g.: to your OMS profile.Select PrivySeal from your online profiles, and paste the link in.

Now click on 'update'. Your username will be extracted. You can test your PrivySeal link by clicking on the 'test' link.

If all is OK press save.

With this new update OMS and Sync clients will be able to send the first 30 listing photos as well as their PrivySeal details to Private Property.

New OMS commercial fields

With feedback from our commercial clients, a number of new commercial fields have been added to the OMS:

You can now include the Block Number as part of the address:

New lease fields including escalation %, tenant installation allowance, lease period and deposit requirements have been added too:

A bit of a nip-and-tuck elsewhere with the items included & excluded now separate tabs to allow a bit more space for entering descriptions:

The OMS supports residential, agricultural and commercial property capturing.

Social media links for your Flex website

If you have various business social media profiles you can link them on your Flex website to make it easier for your prospective clients to find you.

Currently, you can link your the following platforms to display on your website:

Google +TwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedInYoutubePinterestBlogger

Screenshot of social media icons on a Flex website

Contact our support staff to request a new profile to be linked to your website

Additional fields supported for Property24

We now support the following additional property fields to Property24 from within the OMS and Sync:

Kitchen FeaturesSecurity FeaturesGarden FeaturesPets AllowedFlatlet If you have marked these fields, or entered descriptions in them, simply save the property details again and it will update to Property24.

#OMS_QuickTip - Adding a virtual tour

As the quality of online listings continuously improves, many real estate agents are left wondering how they can ensure their listing stands out from the rest - and at Entegral, we like to offer solutions to your real estate problems.

This is where virtual tours come in! And with the OMS you can link any virtual tour to your properties! This includes 3D virtual tours from Matterport (

Your virtual tours will be integrated on your fully responsive Flex real estate website once you have followed this step-by-step guide on how to add virtual tours: Adding external videos, virtual tours & links

New landlord contact type on listings

We've added landlord as contact type to new and existing property listings on the OMS:

#OMS_QuickTip : Email Phishing Safety

While we take every step to ensure your email safety, it does occasionally happen that spam emails do slip through.

Firstly it is important to know the key characteristics of phishing emails:

The email asks for your personal information - In a phishing email, the ultimate goal is to obtain your personal information, such as your bank account numbers, credit card numbers, passwords, and more. They do this by crafting their messages to instill a sense of urgency to take action immediately. No matter how convincing or official an email message might look, it’s important to remember that if it asks for your personal information, this is a sign that the email could very well be fake, and should be ignored.

Check for inconsistencies in the links - Phishing emails will usually try to convince you to click on links in their message, so they can take you to their own custom page and have you voluntarily divulge your personal information. Before clicking on any link, hover over the link with your…

#OMS_QuickTip - Showcasing your sold property listings

If you have an Entegral Flex responsive website you can showcase all your sold property listings - this will not only help your online credibility it will also hold some marketing value for you.

Showcasing your sold property in the areas you operate in will promote you as an area specialist and will also bolster your reputation as an expert in the property industry.

You can create a page that is dedicated to showcasing your sold stock on your Flex website and whenever an estate agent has sold a property, the status of the listing can be changed in the OMS to ‘Sold (Registered)’

Sold listings will automatically display as live listings on your website for a period of 6 weeks, thereafter they will automatically be removed from your website.  You will still be able to find your listings under the sold stock in the OMS.

Order an additional page for your Flex Real Estate Website to showcase all your Sold listings individually by contacting our Support Team

New Tivvit interface for OMS and Sync

Entegral clients are now able to feed to more portals thanks to a new partnership with Tivvit. The new portals are available to OMS and Sync clients. There is a R249 activation fee payable to Entegral for the Tivvit setup and its affiliated websites. The monthly support fee is covered in your Sync costs that you already pay to paid portals like Property24, Private Property, Zoopla, IOL Property etc.

Please follow this help link to get Tivvit activated for your office. You will need to sign a contract with them which includes a monthly fee to feed to their portals.

Once set up, listings can be sent to Tivvit via the normal online marketing page on property listings as illustrated below. You will get a status indicator and link to the property once live.

Your property listings will then be activated on the Tivvit website:

Note: To avoid duplication, we only feed to the portals like and not covered by Entegral's existing interfaces.

Entegral offers property sy…

#OMS_QuickTip - Custom banners on property brochures

Did you know you can add optional custom banner text on your property brochures in the OMS?

Simply enter a short custom phrase such “Sold by us!” or “Price Reduced” into the text box and it will be placed on your selected brochure. This functionality can also be implemented on custom brochures!

On custom brochures the banner can be placed over photos or anywhere else, including a custom background colour

On standard brochures this will be placed over photos as per examples above

Remember that we can also design a custom property brochure for you - simply contact us today for a quote!

Find listings by external property portal ref numbers quickly in the OMS

You can now easily find property listings in the OMS by simply entering the external property portal reference number in the OMS quick search area, as illustrated below. Here we entered the IOL Property reference number and it found the corresponding OMS listing:

You can search popular portals like Property24, Private Property, IOL Property and MyProperty through the quick search.

The external property portal reference numbers are also imported and displayed on your individual property listing, with a hyperlink to open it on the external portal:

To get a global overview of the status of your listings on external portals, you can also visit your office's listing dashboard:

#OMS_QuickTip: Adding teams

The Office Management System (OMS) allows you to market listings under multiple agents as a team on Property24, Private Property and your Flex powered responsive website.

Follow this easy how-to guide on setting up a new team on your OMS dashboard:

How to set up teams for your office:

Log in to the OMS and go to Setup / My Office / Office Members; Click on the new 'teams' tab; Click on 'new team'; Enter a team name e.g. 'John and Sandy' and press save. Note the team name won't appear on any external websites, it is for internal OMS use only; Now add the team members

How to link teams on listings:

Open the property listing by entering the reference number on the dashboard or opening the listing via the Quick Search view; Under the listing/rental/auction agent you will notice a new 'Listing Team' field; Simply select the team you want to link to this listing and press save; The listing will update to external portals, with the new team as agents for the l…

#OMS_QuickTip - Adding new users

Is your real estate business growing? Need to add new users on your Office Management System (OMS)? Then our Quick Tip of the day is just for you!

Firstly new users can only be added by users with Office Administrator / Organisation Manager access, it is also worth mentioning that a user with the same email address can not be created twice on the OMS System.

Once you have logged into your account you can add new users in the 'My Office' tab using the wizard available!

Head to our help file for a step-by-step guide: How to add new users on the OMS 

#OMS_QuickTip: Manage your leads better

Whether you are running your own real estate business or part of a team, one of the most important aspects of your daily business should be communicating with new and current leads.

Unanswered queries on listings can potentially cost you a sale and with the amount of paperwork that real estate agents have to work through on a daily basis it is easy to see how you could lose track of leads - however, with Entegral's Office Management System productivity boosting features are built in!

One of these awesome features is our lead consolidation feature.

Queries from your own website and MyProperty automatically imports into your OMS inbox but did you know you can also import from external portals like Property24, Private Property, IOL Property and ImmoAfrica into your OMS inbox?

This means that all your leads are in ONE place - all you have to do is take a few minutes every day to answer your leads without having to jump from one inbox to another!

New Property Heading/Title feature in the OMS

Property details in the OMS now has a new heading/title field allowing you to provide up to 250 characters of descriptive text for a property listing:

Once saved, allow some time for it to pull through to selected portals, we currently support the heading field in Property24 and will cater for other portals and Flex websites soon where supported:

Price per square meter support for commercial rentals

The OMS now supports a gross price per square meter indicator for commercial property rentals. This is pulled through to selected portals including Property24.
1. Simply enter your gross rental price/sqm on the mandate as you normally do:

2.Mark prices as 'gross price/square meter' on the commercial section of the listing features:

3. Once saved allow time for it to update to portals, here is a Property24 example:

You can now save unlimited files on properties with the OMS

With our revamped OMS packages you can now save an unlimited amount of internal and external files on your OMS property records.

This was previously capped but with the latest revamp it has become uncapped. This allows you to truly take control of your business and go paperless no matter what OMS package you use.

You can see the all the updated packages and what they offer here: Entegral OMS Packages

Here is how you can add files to your listings:

Remember that you can also add virtual tours and links to enhance your listing - here is how: OMS helpfile

Automate your real estate agency with the new OMS Zapier app

We are excited to announce the beta release of the OMS Zapier web automation app as part of our new OMS Integrations.  The new OMS Zapier app connects your OMS data to all your favorite apps and can help you automate just about anything in your real estate business. 

What is Zapier?Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect apps you use every day to automate tasks and save time. You can connect the OMS to any of Zapier’s 750+ integrated apps together to make your own automations. What’s more it’s quick and easy to set up – you don’t need to be a developer, anyone can make a Zap! Triggers can be created for when a new agent, contact or property is added, and you can create notes on properties as actions. Connect the OMS to automate tasks with all your favourite apps! Learn more about Zapier here and here.

What can you do with the OMS Zapier app? You can create triggers and tasks that can automatically send your OMS data to the app of your choice, or send data back. This includes:

1) New …