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Entegral featuring real estate on ImmoAfrica

Entegral is proud to announce that we are now the exclusive sponsors of the top three featured listings on ImmoAfrica’s property search results. This will allow for the top three most expensive South African homes in a particular area and price range a user has searched on to be featured. Here is an example of a property search in Nelspruit - see the results for yourself We are also running banners for on their German website,

Latest Flex updates allows for even more ways to showcase your stock

The latest updates to our Flex responsive real estate website product will allow you more control over what stock displays on your website. Now you will be able to have a website dedicated to just one type of status or property type.   This means that you could have a responsive Flex themed website with just your rental stock, auctions or farms for sale for example.  Data that's displayed on your flex website that's filtered by type or status can be sent either from the OMS system or by means of Entegral's Sync Portal Syndication . For Example, Hans Senior, a real estate agent from Namibia, trades with Residential, Commercial and Agricultural real estate - either rental or for sale. The bulk of his property listings is all available on his Flex Office website: .  An additional website has been created for his rental stock only on , thus you will be able to filter any status or type of listing and create