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Generate your own OMS API keys for custom real estate integrations

The real estate industry is changing fast and agents are increasingly using technology to their advantage to streamline operations and communication with clients. Every business has its own unique needs, so we've released an OMS and Sync API in 2016 to help real estate agencies build custom solutions. Now you can self-generate your OMS API keys. With the OMS , you can do custom external integrations with 3rd party apps (or develop your own) through the OMS API . The OMS API (Application Programming Interface) for instance allows you to extract any of your data (e.g. property listing data) and use it in innovative ways on external systems or websites. You can also have a look at these featured 3rd party integrations ( like the very cool Zapier integration ) which is available to all clients: . Generate your own OMS API Keys Simply navigate to the API keys tab under office settings (available to office admin roles). Here you ca

New Flex updates allow for more additional information on listings

You have asked for it and our developers have delivered with the latest round of updates! You will now be able to display even more of a properties features on a listing, as you can see in the example below. The extra additional information will be displayed underneath your property description and can be added from the OMS dashboard. The information will be displayed on your Entegral responsive Flex website , as well as Property24. Contact us today to upgrade your older version Entegral website to a responsive Flex website or to update your existing Flex website.