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OMS API update version 1.10 - Get contacts enhancements

An update has been made for the OMS API, version 1.10. It is documented in our OMS API documentation.
Retrieve landlord type contacts  We now indicate 'landlord' contact types as part of the "category_system" response. You can furthermore also filter specifically for landlord contact types only. Module 4 access is required to retrieve contacts.
New Property ID field A new field 'property_id' is returned as part of the View Contacts response. This allows you to identify the listings this contact is linked to (if any), e.g.

 {         "id": 142508,         "first_name": "John",         "last_name": "Doe",         "title": "Mr",         "mobile_number": "0829998888",         "office_number": "",         "email": "",         "category_system&quo…