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OMS API update version 1.10 - Get contacts enhancements

An update has been made for the  OMS API ,  version 1.10. It is documented in our  OMS API documentation . Retrieve landlord type contacts  We now indicate 'landlord' contact types as part of the " category_system" response. You can furthermore also filter specifically for landlord contact types only. Module 4 access is required to retrieve contacts. New Property ID field A new field 'property_id' is returned as part of the View Contacts response. This allows you to identify the listings this contact is linked to (if any), e.g.  {         "id": 142508,         "first_name": "John",         "last_name": "Doe",         "title": "Mr",         "mobile_number": "0829998888",         "office_number": "",         "email"