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Base updates including files on property listings

Several updates have been made on Base including: Add files and links including virtual tours to listings You can now add public available files and links on listings. These files and links (including virtual tours, Youtube video links, Matterport 3D tours etc) can be integrated with your Flex website for your visitors to download or view. There is no limit on the number of files/links you can add on your listings. The photos tab has been renamed to 'Media'. Days column on listing landing page The number of days a listings is currently active is now displayed on the listings landing page: News article gallery images order You can now change the order of images in a news article's gallery with drag-and-drop mouse actions. News articles can be pulled through to your Flex website. New Garden Cottage type: South Africa A new property type, Garden Cottage, has been added for South African users. Note that not all portals support this type, so will pull thro

Base website news feature

There is now a website news feature available in Base, under the library icon. This allows you to capture and segment public news for your website. To integrate into your Flex responsive real estate website , please contact the Entegral Helpdesk. You can configure your own categories (under settings/customize) with a default 'General' category preloaded. You can for instance categorize your news as office news, market news, events, etc. for your visitors. Quite a nice feature is 'tags' which helps you further segment your news. You can also add multiple photos to your article through a 'Gallery'. Great if you've done some type of event and want to post the photos. To learn more about Base, click here .