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New partner portal, Property Matcher

We are proud to announce another exclusive property portal partner available to Entegral South Africa real estate clients:  Property Matcher . You can view their website on All clients enjoy a free , no obligations 6 month trial. After the trial, you can opt in for one of their paid packages, more details here . Simply contact our support team  to enable your feed on either the OMS or Base . The feed updates every 2 hours. Check out the list of free and paid property portals we offer to all clients here . Sync API clients For clients using our standalone Sync API listing syndication interface  with their own management systems, simply add 'propertymatcher' to your portalListing object for each listing as per the Sync API documentation here  after you've enabled the portal for an office under the Save Portal Credentials .

Base improvements including last activity date & brochures & contacts

Last activity date When last did you made contact with one of your active or inactive clients? On the contacts dashboard, Base will now show you the last time you made contact with someone, in a new activity column: If you open a contact you can also quickly see when last there was contact: New brochures We've added a new 4 photo and 7 photo brochure option under listing / reports. The brochure colour scheme will follow the Base colour scheme selected under Settings / Customize / Colours. Forgot password A forgot password option is now available on the login screen Quicker way to add new contacts to a listing We made the process of adding a new contact on a listing quicker, with a popup window displaying when you click on the 'add new contact' link. The contact form is a shortened version of the full contact form and contains key fields required.