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Base : track qualified leads on listings and view listing enquiries by contact

Base CRM allows the automatic import of leads from various portals  by synchronizing your mailbox. Leads will then import into your Base inbox. Here you can qualify and convert those leads to actual contacts or discard them: When converting the lead to a contact the contact details are all automatically pre-populated in the fields (depending on what the portal sent), so you just have to categorize and tag the contact as a buyer, seller etc. (all these categories are configurable): For buyers, you can further fine tune their requirements including price, area, beds, baths etc. through the qualify tab. This also provides a way of finding matching buyers when listing a new home. Base will now link the original enquiry on the contact through the diary tab, on the day the enquiry was made. It will also link it to the listing that was enquired on: At the same time, if you open the listing diary view, you will also notice it saved the original enquiry with th

Base & OMS PDF Brochure size reduction

Custom PDF brochures in Base & OMS as well as generic property brochures in Base are now up to 3 times smaller with compression algorithms applied to them. A typical brochure of 2.6 MB is reduced to about 0.8 MB in the process.

New Sole Mandate Banners for Flex Websites

We've added  Sole Mandate Banners  to our first generation  Flex Websites - this update ensures that if you have selected sole mandate on your OMS or your  Base  dashboard when uploading a new listing it will display accordingly on your Flex website as well. This banner will not only appear on the search results pages of your website but also on the details page of a listing with a sole mandate. Examples of results page banner Examples of listing page banner