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Add an auction calendar to your Flex real estate website

Offering property auctions ?  We have you covered with an Auction Calendar  available for Flex real estate websites . An auction calendar link can be added to your website menu and the calendar can also be integrated into your home page or other content pages as can be seen below. Auction days are highlighted and they click through to the auctions scheduled for that day. Additional integration costs are applicable, contact the Entegral team for a quote. The auction calendar and many other features are available on our latest generation Flex responsive real estate websites, check it out here .

Base & Flex: new custom listing tags enables custom website searches

In Base office administrators can already create custom fields via settings / customise / listings , which are then made available on the listing description tab for all agents. This adds flexibility to the listing capture forms. Custom listing tags configuration You can now also configure  custom tags per description field which will allows you to further refine the capturing with some set options. Simply create a field, click on it and configure the available tags that will be displayed to your users, e.g. here we've configured our own farm types, as we are specialising in farms and want to categories our listings even further: In the sample below, we've configured security features: Here we specialise in new developments, and would like to classify listings per phase and views: Mandate capture, selecting tags Once you hit the save button the tags will be available to all your users on the listing capture form / extra tab. Users can simply click on

OMS read only user role correction

We corrected a bug in the OMS which resulted in 'read only ' users not having access to office listings. If you have users with read only access there is no further action required from your side, they will be able to have read only access to all other listings in the office: The OMS has been replaced by our new Base management system that offers several advantages, have a look here.  Contact our team to assist with an upgrade or a free account to play around with.  Once you are ready to upgrade, we can transfer your listings and contacts and there will be no disruption in your listings on external portals. The new Base systems works well with our next generation Flex platform, have a look here . It provides plenty of new integration and customisation features and has a 100% uptime record since launch 2 years ago in 2018.

Listing Syndication: more photos to Property24

If you are using Base , OMS or Sync , we have now increased the number of listing photos exported to Property24 from 30 to 50. Our team will monitor the feed for any issues.

Listing syndication: ImmoAfrica references numbers now available

Free to list partner portal ImmoAfrica 's reference numbers will now show in your external listing feed in Base . This makes it easy to open directly from the system: If you are using the Sync listing syndication system  as part of your own management system, the reference numbers will also be returned. BTW, you will notice a "amethyst" purple colour scheme on this Base screenshot. Base allows you to customise your colour scheme and apply your own agency logo to create a more personal feel.