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Base introduces individual portal access configuration for agents

Office administrators in Base can now navigate to individual user settings, and select which portals an individual user has access to for listing syndication. If a portal is deactivated for a user, they won't be able to list and new mandates on that portal. If the user previously had access to the portal and selected listings to feed through, those listings will stay activated on the portal until the user marks the listing as inactive. All portals are activated by default for your agents and new agent profiles you create. This is a great feature for estate agencies who provide their agents with individual access to Base but needs finer control on where specific agents can list, even if only as a temporary measure. Base is mobile friendly and ideal for a remote work setup where you want to give individual access to office data for your agents, anywhere in the world. Base was built from the ground up to work in any country and easily links to external portals or you

Base listing notifications for days on market and days to expiry

Base users can now customise more notification alerts for property mandates. Office administrators can navigate to settings / customise and set two new notifications: Days to expiry: if this is checked, a dashboard notification will pop up to the listing agents once the mandate is within the specified number of days to expiry. Default is 2 weeks. Active days on market: if this is checked, a dashboard notification will pop up to the listing agents once the mandate has been activate for the set number of days. Default is one year. The two settings can help your agents take pro-active action on mandates. A sample of the dashboard notification can be seen below. The action button will take the user to the listing. The new notifications are enabled by default for all offices. Base allows for simplified listing, contacts and property syndication management through a mobile friendly system . If you are still on the OMS you can request a free trial account to te

Base: New report filters & tweaked reports

A new listing report filter is now available to all users in Base . Go to listings / reports: Click on the report filter (A) and add your filter criteria, then press apply (B). Choose the 1st report (C) listings based on filter criteria. Your report will be displayed and provide you with the option to adjust your filter criteria or export to formats like PDF. We've also tweaked the listing reports including showing the mandate status below the sale type, adjusting the floor and land size fields a,d highlighting the property type in bold. Mandate filters are now also available on the listings dashboard.

Sync API: new openparking field

A new field openparking has been added to to create/update listing REST API call as per: The field will be pushed through to MyProperty South Africa and Flex real estate websites soon. We are evaluating updating external portals with this field, where supported.

New Flex property search fields

We've added two new search options to the latest generation Flex websites  to make it easier for visitors to filter properties based on their specific needs: Pet friendly Pool These fields are taken from your Base , OMS or Sync property details. More search options will be made available in the next few weeks. You have the option to hide these fields on your website (e.g. if you only deal in commercial property).

Multiple agents on a listing? Here is how to change the order in Base

Base allows you to add multiple agents on a mandate, as shown below. If the 2nd agent displayed here should be in the 1st position, simply remove the 1st agent by clicking on the remove cross icon, and relink the agent again to move them into the 2nd position. Press save and allow the listing to be updated on your website. The order will then reflect on the  latest generation Flex real estate website , as shown below.