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Base: new listing contacts reports and API enhancements

Base listing contacts report A new listing report with contacts included is now available in Base under listings / reports. You can specify your filter criteria and then click on the report to generate it. Reports can be downloaded in PDF, Excel and other formats. The report will generate multiple contacts (if captured) and include mobile and office number as well as email address: Base API If you are making use of the Base API to integrate with external systems, the contacts are now part of the /properties call: The Base API keys can be generated by an office administrator or revoked at any time:

Base: additional fields supported to Property24

Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, security and garden  extra description fields in Base are now pushed through to Property24 South Africa and Namibia . Simply add these fields under the extra tab on listings and complete the descriptions. Press save and the updates will be pushed through to Property24. You can also create your own additional fields by going to settings / customise. These fields are already available in the Sync API system for external management systems using Entegral's listing syndication system. You can add tags to extra fields to further customise your listing data capture , and even make these tags searchable in your Flex responsive real estate website .

Base: new Meeting Room for video conferences

The new Base    Meeting Room feature allows for instant and secure video conferencing within your office through a standard web browser. With social distancing and remote work the norm for now and in the foreseeable future, a quick and convenient way to connect with your team via a video call can go a long way to help relieve any lock-down blues. There is no additional costs and it can be accessed via a shortcut menu on the dashboard once you've logged in: There are various video conferencing solutions available in the market and standalone solutions. The aim of the Base Meeting Room is to provide a quick and secure way for agents to jump into an office  video conference right from your PC browser. Everyone in your office has access to this by clicking on the Meeting Room link. You can also share your screen to conduct presentations and invite external guests. Further help is provided in a help link once you open up the meeting room and we welcome your feedback.

Base: new virtual notice board

Base now features a virtual notice board. It is a simple notice board that can be used in creative ways to update your office with announcements, sales stats, quotes or anything else that you want to have available to everyone when they log in. Office administrators can update this easily (via the edit link or library menu). Once updated, it will display for 24 hrs as the default screen when agents log in to Base . You can insert web links, tables, embed youtube videos and images. Log in now and update yours :) Base further improves your remote work environment with a File Library that allows for unlimited file storage that can be shared with everyone in your office.

Base sortable property listing and contacts

You can now sort columns in Base's contacts and listing grids by simply clicking on a column. We've also included a page size setting which will be remembered when you log into Base. Base is a complete online and mobile friendly office management system that allows for easy property listing, contacts and document management in the cloud. Learn more about Base here .