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Gain insights with the Base Mandate Summary report

A new Mandate Summary report is now available in Base under listings / reports. The report is in beta, so tweaks will be added based on your feedback (click on the link in the report to capture your suggestions). The report provides a breakdown of mandate status and type for suburbs you operate in as well as a further breakdown of mandates per agent. Graphs further highlight key metrics e.g. a breakdown of mandate type and volume per suburb. The report works on filters so you can easily narrow down the report view to for instance filter for all listing mandates for a particular month and get an overview of where you gained listings, the volume and mandate types. We hope the report gives more insight into your real estate office's data and we welcome you to make suggestions for similiar reports to be built in future. In case you've missed it, you can now also order custom Base reports .

Build custom reports in Base

Customised listing reports for your agency While you can already get our team to build customised property listing brochures for you in Base , we've extended the functionality to build customised reports based on your specifications. This gives freedom to have printable reports in a specific layout, showing different fields including calculations and make it available to all your agents. Listing reports are available under listings / reports, and once we've integrated your custom report, it will be available here for your users. The custom reports makes use of the same filter features you currently have available and the report itself can display most of the key fields you have on the property details. Listing data can be grouped, summarised and formatted in various ways in the report and also shown in reports as we've done with the Mandate Summary report . We can also apply conditional logic to fields, e.g. if a Price is over a certain amount, or listings are a c

Base API improvements, user-based access

The  Base real estate CRM platform  offers an API that allows real estate companies to do custom integrations with external systems.  API keys can be generated by offices  for external developers through Base setup and revoked at any time. User based API access We've enhanced the API access to provide user-based API access. This is a great way to limit API access and only allow data operations specifically related to the user's role. E.g. when contacts are extracted and the user's role is configured to only see their own contacts, only those contacts can be retrieved via the specific API Key.  Retrieve leads A /leads call can now retrieve your leads imported into Base via your website and external portals. Developers can  access the Base API here .

New portal partner, Flow rental platform

Looking for a rental platform to boost your rental listings? We're excited to welcome Flow as a new rental portal available for syndication for Entegral Base , OMS and Sync clients. Flow is focused exclusively on rentals where agencies are able to package their listings with deals that attract better tenants. Flow uses its unique tech to send pre-screened tenants to your property listings, resulting in higher quality applications that help to fill your vacancies. To find out more about the new Flow rental portal click here . Once you are ready to enable Flow, simply contact our support team to enable it for you. You can view other partner portals here  - list once, capture everywhere.

Base API improvements

The Base real estate CRM platform offers an API that allows real estate companies to do custom integrations with external systems. API keys can be generated by offices for external developers through Base setup and revoked at any time. We've added 3 new POST methods that allows you to do even more: Add a contact This allows you to create a new contact in Base, including setting variables like contact source and labels. You can also set whether it is a private contact or shared with the office. Add a calendar activity The call allows you to add a calendar entry to a contact's diary including activity type, date and time an description. You can add historic or future events. Send an SMS This function call allows you to send an SMS message to a contact. The SMS cost is deducted from the main office administrator's SMS account. You will receive an error message if the user is out of credits. The SMS is also recorded in the message section of the contact, and

Configurable property search comes to Flex

The Flex real estate platform is one of the most configurable website solutions on the market. Not only can estate agencies choose from multiple templates and customize the look and feel of the home page, but they can go the complete custom route, and customize any aspect of the website such as the search results or property details. All of this is done on a highly efficient and stable platform that is continuously optimized and follows best web practices, including  responsive web design . Flex can be powered on your own management system via our Sync interface , or you can use our industry leading Base CRM platform . For those looking to supercharge their SEO, our AirTable integration provides the ability to generate optimized content integrations throughout your website. Build a configurable property search Every business is unique and in some cases you would want to provide visitors with a unique and more personalised property search experience. If you are dealing with resi