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New Base view only user profile & integration update

Base user profiles A new Base role: Standard user (view only) has been created. Users with this role will be able to view listing & contact data but don't have rights to update anything in the system. Go to settings / users and select the user to adjust their role. Integrations We've moved the Base API integrations  info from the office settings page to the integrations page where integrations are now split between portal integrations and 3rd party integrations. Base also allows you to  configure individual portal access per user  and  set configurations to automate lead import and sync calendars  with Google Calendar.

Listing syndication garden update to portals

A garden field is now available that will update to selected portals that support it, including MyProperty, Property24 and Private property . The garden feature is a searchable feature on Property24 so you can enhance your listing exposure by making sure you select it on listings where applicable. Here is how to update it if you are using the new Base or older OMS systems: Base Open the listing and go to features Select external features and add garden Save the listing, it will then start updating to portals OMS Go to office settings / parameters Select office: property features list Add ' Garden ' as option (the list is comma separated) and press save Click here for detailed instructions and screenshots Sync API If you are using your own management system integrated with our Sync Listing Syndication system API, you can simply add ' garden ' as a comma separated value in the listing, propertyFeatures field:

MyProperty virtual tours now with auto rotate and intial view configuration

Following the launch of the virtual tour hotspot feature , we've made some further upgrades to the free MyProperty virtual tour system : Auto-rotate With this setting on, your virtual tour will auto rotate on load to create a more interactive feel, as can be seen in this sample below: Initial view Simply pan the photo and hit the ' capture initial view ' button to select the first view visitors will see when opening a scene. Especially useful for first impressions but also to create more realistic virtual walkthroughs. Get started with this guide and see how you can create unlimited virtual tours on all your listing mandates with any 360 camera.

Automated property video feed to Gumtree

All Entegral clients (including those on Base, OMS and using our Sync interface) will now have their property videos automatically published on Gumtree's property section . Videos drive a much higher engagement with buyers, so we are excited this extra exposure will bring to our real estate clients. You can see a sample integration here . Gumtree recently altered their model and now allows Entegral clients to publish their listings for free. If you haven't yet enabled your free Gumtree feed, contact our team to enable you.

MyProperty virtual tours: create hotspots for walkthroughs

Our recently launched MyProperty virtual tour solution , is an industry first free virtual tour solution for estate agents. It allows estate agents to create free and unlimited virtual tours on their property mandates. You can create a tour and upload the link to your mandate on your management system, including Base . Now with hotspot functionality We've just launched the next phase of our upgrades which includes the ability to create hotspots on scenes. Hotspots are clickable areas that link you to different scenes (rooms) for a virtual walk through experience. You can create unlimited scenes per tour but also any number of hotspots per scene, which will be summarised for you in your interface: When you open a scene, you can simply pan the photo and create a hotspot by clicking on an area in the photo and selecting where it should link to. It is as easy as that! Here is one embedded below we've done in a property with an entry level Ricoh Theta SC 360 camer