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Base: full commercial listing report itemised costs

Following the release of the Base  full listing details brochures , the commercial report now includes all of the  itemised costs you've added to your commercial listing:   Need a customised commercial or residential brochure? Speak to your Entegral team for a quote.

Base: new one liner listing reports

A new one liner listing stock report is now available in Base. You can choose between a residential and generic type and apply filters as with other reports: We've also tweaked some of the existing report names for consistency.  Require a more specific or different layout? Base allows for the development of custom reports . Base CRM provides full listing, contact and document management for residential, commercial and agricultural real estate professionals.

Base: new full listing reports

x2 New property brochures are now available to Base users: Full listing details (residential) Full listing details (commercial) Go to a listing and open the reports section to generate them for download in PDF format.   The commercial brochure will soon be enhanced with itemised cost details. You can also request the Entegral team to customise or create brand new brochures for your office. Message us with your requirements and we will do a quote.

Base API Enhancements: listing contacts

 The Base API has been enhanced to include retrieval of contact details on listings, including telephone numbers and email address. The  /api/v1/properties/{property_id} call allows for detailed contact info to be retrieved on agent and contacts linked to listings (e.g. seller, buyer, tenant). Base CRM allow agents to integrate with 3rd party apps via the Base API while our Zapier integration allows for data exchange with over 2000 popular apps , without any coding required.