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New portal integrations: Property News Namibia and One Way Property South Africa

New portal integrations have been launched for Base users through the Base API. Base allows users to configure external integrations with 3rd party platforms by providing access keys . There are no additional costs on Entegral's side. Property News - Namibia Paid portal Property News  is available to all Namibian real estate agents. You are welcome to contact or call them at 0811467464 to discuss pricing plans and get your property feed going.  One Way Property - South Africa OneWay Property is a brand new offering for agencies, agents and developers to advertise their properties at an affordable price that is flexible depending on the size of your agency.  The portal is automatically updated on a daily basis through the Base API. You can contact Benjamin at 076 283 7015 or email to get your integration going.

Base detailed property and contact audit trails

You now have access to detailed property and contact audit trails in Base . To access the audit trail, simply click on the more button on a listing or contact and select history: Sample audit trail from a contact.  Here we can see tags, contact details and other fields updated by a user. Base logs the user, time of change plus before and after values from fields: Sample audit trail from a listing. Here we have a similiar view and can see price and other field updates by a user: Detailed listing and contact audit trails were enabled today for all users so you can track any updates from today onwards in detail (Previously we only recorded basic changes). You can still access general audit trails report  from the Settings section in Base. Here you can get a summarised view of updates within the system including more detailed activities like logins from users. Administrators have the ability to filter and review actions per individual user:

Base new activity timeline view and pinning notes

We've introduced a new activity timeline view in the listing diary that will summarise all events for your mandate under ' past ' and ' upcoming ' sections with the ability to switch to the calendar view. There is also a filter event box to quickly filter for specific events, e.g. show all your viewings done on a listing. You can now also pin notes on the side to keep specific notes highly visible. Simply click on the pin icon to pin or unpin a note: Pinned notes will also show on the the specific listing dashboard, so always viewable if you open a listing. Below we can see any upcoming viewings and pinned notes. Since Base is responsive it works on any screen size device (mobile view shown below):